Presentation Folders: The Advantages that Most of Us Overlook

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In today’s modern age, where technology rules and information is mostly just a click away, printed materials are almost deemed irrelevant. This is due to the vast majority of websites that contain descriptions explaining what a particular company does. In most cases, the details are enough for readers. But there are instances when information found on the Internet about a business simply isn’t enough.

During those moments, companies often come up with meetings, client visits, seminars, etc., to personally tell individuals what they do, what they stand for, and what they have to offer. Now, one would think that they’d provide gadgets like tablets to everyone present and letting them browse more information about them online. But in order to make a personal connection with their audience, businesses often employ a more authentic and more grounded type of method. A method that not even the most advanced software can beat: presentation folders.

What is the Purpose of a Presentation Folder?
The main purpose of a presentation folder, sometimes called pocket folders, is to hold valuable documents and papers. They’re usually about the size of an A4 paper, but businesses can opt for a smaller size. The outside looks similar to an infographics presentation, while the inside contains more information written in texts all over the folder, along with two pockets. These types of folders are quite durable, being made from thicker materials that range from 350-450gsm. Those who’d like to have one made can choose either one or two flaps that have a glued or interlocking assembly. Documents and papers stored inside the folder are 100% secure, making it easier for everyone to store and carry them.

Where do People Usually See Presentation Folders?
Individuals often see presentation folders during events like sales meetings, job expos, and wherever a presentation is required. It’s pretty common to find them in seminars, as well as public speaking talks that schools, universities, and other establishments may decide to host. New hire orientations and town hall meetings are also some of the usual venues where these brilliant folders often thrive in.

Why is a Presentation Folder Needed?
If a business would want to leave a truly lasting impact on people, it’s imperative that they appeal to their senses—especially those that stimulate the visual and tactile senses. People have more chances of remembering something they’ve previously seen and touched, compared to just viewing a static image of it. The quality and design of the folder will also help tell potential clients of the state a business is in, and these folders can be used to wholly impress customers, clients, or other businesses.

Other reasons include:
  • To promote/market the business brand
  • Share additional information
  • For a more organised presentation
  • To increase sales via promotion/marketing
  • Efficient communication within the company
Our time may encourage a paperless schema of things, but businesses shouldn’t let that affect them. Seeing and feeling remains to be two of the human senses that leave a lasting experience for people, so use that as an advantage. Utilise presentation folders to appeal to those senses and to connect with everyone better.
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